Archaeological Information Systems (AIS) for Digital Cultural Heritage Management: Identifying Prehistoric Iron Age and Early Middle Ages Settlement Dynamics in the Lower Oder Region. Volkmann, A. In Die frühen Slawen - von der Expansion zu gentes und nationes, volume 1, pages 91–107. 2016.
	title = {Archaeological {Information} {Systems} ({AIS}) for {Digital} {Cultural} {Heritage} {Management}: {Identifying} {Prehistoric} {Iron} {Age} and {Early} {Middle} {Ages} {Settlement} {Dynamics} in the {Lower} {Oder} {Region}},
	volume = {1},
	shorttitle = {Archaeological {Information} {Systems} ({AIS}) for {Digital} {Cultural} {Heritage} {Management}},
	booktitle = {Die frühen {Slawen} - von der {Expansion} zu gentes und nationes},
	author = {Volkmann, Armin},
	year = {2016},
	pages = {91--107},

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