Projecting Effects of Climate Change on River Habitats and Salmonid Fishes: Integrating Remote Sensing, Genomics, and Demography to Inform Conservation. Wade, A., Muhlfeld, C., Hand, B., Whited, D., Kovach, R., Kimball, J., Stanford, J., Waples, R., Wenburg, J., & Olsen, J.
	title = {Projecting {Effects} of {Climate} {Change} on {River} {Habitats} and {Salmonid} {Fishes}: {Integrating} {Remote} {Sensing}, {Genomics}, and {Demography} to {Inform} {Conservation}},
	author = {Wade, Alisa and Muhlfeld, Clint and Hand, Brian and Whited, Diane and Kovach, Ryan and Kimball, John and Stanford, Jack and Waples, Robin and Wenburg, John and Olsen, Jeff},

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