Guidance on tactile human-system interaction: Some statements. Wünschmann, W. & Fourney, D. In Carter, J. & Fourney, D., editors, Proceedings of Guidelines On Tactile and Haptic Interactions (GOTHI'05), pages 6-9, 2005.
Guidance on tactile human-system interaction: Some statements [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
When compared to other kinds of perception, haptic perception has several special aspects. This paper presents a proposal for definitions of haptic perception and tactile interaction. These definitions are designed to support the process of developing interactive systems with haptic perception and tactile interfaces. To give an impression of the complexity of needed guidance, the difficulty of coding tactile information is further illustrated by example. Tactile communication can be classified into three levels which are suggested as a useful structure of guidance for developers of interactive systems with tactile components. Some proposed general guidelines on designing tactile output should be the basis of further discussion on what guidance seems to be possible at the present stage of knowledge and what further investigation should be done. The summary contains an appeal to use system-oriented approaches. The aim of this paper is to give input for further discussion.

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