Structural Prediction and Multilayer Li+ Storage in Two-Dimensional VC 2 Carbide Studied by First-Principles Calculations. Xu, J., Wang, D., Lian, R., Gao, X., Liu, Y., Gogotsi, Y., Chen, G., & Wei, Y. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2019.
	title = {Structural {Prediction} and {Multilayer} {Li}+ {Storage} in {Two}-{Dimensional} {VC} 2 {Carbide} {Studied} by {First}-{Principles} {Calculations}},
	journal = {Journal of Materials Chemistry A},
	author = {Xu, Jing and Wang, Dashuai and Lian, Ruqian and Gao, Xinying and Liu, Yanhui and Gogotsi, Yury and Chen, Gang and Wei, Yingjin},
	year = {2019}

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