Measuring Happiness Using Wearable Technology. Yano, K., Akitomi, E. T., Ara, K., Watanabe, E. J., Tsuji, E. S., Sato, N., & Hayakawa, M. Hitachi Review, 64(8):517, 2015.
Measuring Happiness Using Wearable Technology [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
Instead of the industrial production, which drove economic growth in the 20th century, the driver for growth in the 21st century is productivity in knowledge work and service businesses. For this reason, the authors developed a technique for measuring happiness using wearable technology. The research found a hidden signal representing a person’s happiness within the basic pattern of physical activity known as the “1/T rule.” This result uncovered a close relationship between the “trinity” of physical activity = happiness = productivity. Combined with a technique for using artificial intelligence to generate KPIs automatically, the technology can foster the ability of groups to engage in “co-creation” while also encouraging autonomy and commitment in individuals. This new technology is recognized as having the potential to open up new pathways in corporate accounting, production, and human resource systems.

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