Understanding deep learning requires rethinking generalization. Zhang, C., Bengio, S, Hardt, M, Recht, B, & Vinyals, O. ArXiv e-prints, November, 2016.
Understanding deep learning requires rethinking generalization [link]Paper  bibtex   
author = {Zhang, Chiyuan and Bengio, S and Hardt, M and Recht, B and Vinyals, Oriol},
title = {{Understanding deep learning requires rethinking generalization}},
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annote = {Just read the contributions should be fine. Essentially, many theories on generalization don't work on deep learning models.

Eric Xing's comments on this paper, from his Facebook:

Not surprisingly, most statistical learning theories on generalization errors cannot be applied on deep learning, and DL is actually not learning any patterns -- they are just memorizing the data.
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