Wave function engineering in quantum dot-ring nanostructures. Zipper, E., Kurpas, M., & Maśka, M., M. New Journal of Physics, 2012.
Wave function engineering in quantum dot-ring nanostructures [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
Modern nanotechnology allows the production of, depending on the application, various quantum\nnanostructures with selected properties. These properties are strongly influenced by the confinement\npotential which can be modified e.g. by electrical gating. In this paper, we analyze a nanostructure\ncomposed of a quantum dot surrounded by a quantum ring. We show that, depending on the details of\nthe confining potential, the electron wave functions can be located in different parts of the\nstructure. Since many properties of such a nanostructure strongly depend on the distribution of the\nwave functions, by varying the applied gate voltage one can easily control them. In particular, we\nillustrate the high controllability of the nanostructure by demonstrating how its coherent, optical\nand conducting properties can be drastically changed by a small modification of the confining\npotential.

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